RootsMagic 7 and GedGap

from Paul, January 15, 2018

I have been exploring different genealogy programs recently and most are quite expensive, e.g. Family Tree Maker is AUD114.95 (upgrade is AUD84.95) and Reunion is USD99 (or USD49.95 which is about AUD63).

FTM is great software and its syncing to Ancestry is ideal, something that isn’t possible with the Reunion, being the great granddad of Mac genealogy software (solid and highly recommended).

So it is a nice surprise that RootsMagic 7 for Mac is USD29.95 (upgrade USD19.95) and there is a free essential that can upload a tree to Ancestry.

The winning feature is the Ancestry WebHints window which displays the various Ancestry source information and how it relates to your facts showing what agrees and what differs. Also, the WebHints includes data from other Ancestry member trees. Very nice feature and well executed, see image.


I found that to get the Ancestry styled sources and event memos to appear as descriptions took some work (actually used a one-time app to do the formatting) but I am impressed with the RootsMagic software so far. If anyone is interested in converting their Gedcom files to an Ancestry ready format, drop me a line via the contact us (footer of this page).

The paid version of RootsMagic allows access to research notes and to-do-lists. Without plugging our own software, but GedGap has research notes, prioritisation, confidence levels in research and birth and death research tips (e.g. I used a tip of Ancestry to highlight people whose further research requires access to Ancestry which is great as a reminder when they have free access weekends etc). I will try the combination of RootsMagic 7 Essentials (free) and GedGap (free) and post my thoughts later this month.

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