Xcode 9.2 and our apps

from Paul, January 14th 2018

During our update of apps in the last quarter of 2017, we resisted the temptation of updating our development environment (Xcode) to the latest major release.

Given the new year and with the PlanDoCheckAdjust update proceeding well, we have updated our back-end environment. What this means for our apps is code optimisation.

We have noted two major features that we are working on with our apps;

  • Localisation warnings in our app views. Although our apps are localised for different languages, this new feature highlights that some fixed width constraints may cause issues with other languages.

    • For example, a fixed length for a label maybe sufficient for English but may cause clipping of text in another language, and
  • UI Main Thread Checker has highlighted some issues for our attention that some of our apps are updating or checking the UI in background. Generally, all updates and checking of UI changes should be on the main thread – seems GedGap sometimes is naughty.

Overall, we will work on these in January during the update of PlanDoCheckAdjust.