GEDCOM in RootsMagic 7 and Ancestry – Part 1

from Paul, 16 January 2018

GEDCOM files for Ancestry have specific requirements for citations and sources. To ensure your GEDCOM file has good compatibility with Ancestry, please ensure your sources have one of the following tags;

  • TITL – the title of your source,
  • AUTH – the author of your source,
  • PUBL – the publisher of your source,
  • RFN – any reference number,
  • CALN – call number for your source (used by RootsMagic),
  • REPO – your source’s repository,
  • TEXT – text associated with your source, e.g. transcript of newspaper article (used by RootsMagic), and
  • NOTE – all other source information should use a note tag.

If you are going to import your sources into RootsMagic 7 and then use RootsMagic to upload your family tree to Ancestry, I found that the call number although saved in RootsMagic was not uploaded to Ancestry. I recommend using the reference number tag instead. Also, RootsMagic will import the source TEXT tag but Ancestry will not unfortunately.

The NOTE tag is interesting; if you upload your converted GEDCOM directly to Ancestry (not via RootsMagic), the note will appear against the source, but I found this not to be the case when using RootsMagic (i.e. upload GEDCOM to RootsMagic and using TreeShare to Ancestry).

RootsMagic and Ancestry do allow the use of publisher date and place in addition to the typical tags shown above.

Also, for repositories, although the name, address, phone, call number and website are stored in RootsMagic, I have found that the website and call number are not uploaded.

Tomorrow, I will look at citation formatting for Ancestry.

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