GEDCOM in RootsMagic 7 and Ancestry – Part 2

from Paul, January 17 2018

To format the citation for use with the Ancestry source template in RootsMagic, the citation detail needs to be repeated into the citation template tags.

Below is a citation for a source in my GEDCOM file, the citation is for a cemetery and crematorium entry at Purewa Cemeteries. The serial number is 85921 and the citation refers to the source number 1084 (more of this tomorrow when we format sources).


To format the citation, a template tag _TMPLT is added with a FIELD tag, followed by NAME and VALUE. The name is Page which is the citation detail and the value is the same as the citation detail, being Purewa Cemetery … type=Cremation.


Thus, the citation detail is record in the original PAGE tag at level 3 and repeated as a VALUE tag at level 5.

RootsMagic uses this _TMPLT tag followed by FIELD with a pair of NAME and VALUE tags throughout, more of this tomorrow when we cover sources.

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