GEDCOM in RootsMagic 7 and Ancestry – Part 6

from Paul, January 21 2018

The last part of the reformatting of your GEDCOM is repositioning the event memos from notes to descriptions. An event memo is typically a note beside an event, e.g. the grave burial location against a burial event, the cause of death against a death event (although a CAUS tag at level 2 is preferred method) and I use occupations as event memos against residence tags, i.e. to record the occupation of ascendants as memos to their address from census records.

In Ancestry, the citation notes appear in the sources column and depending on the number of event memos used, I find this to be aesthetically unpleasing.

Below is a typical event memo (with my email address redacted for privacy);


The goal is to move the information from the note up against the event (in this case, the BURI event);


The final result in the GEDCOM is as follows with the note line removed (and the template information added, refer part 2 in this series);


In Ancestry, the burial citation is clean and tidy with the plot location shown;


Relocating the event memos is time consuming so I wrote a one-off app to perform the work for me. Let me know if you would like a generic app written to perform these transformations to your GEDCOM to work with RootsMagic 7 and Ancestry.

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