RootsMagic 7 with GedGap tool reviewed – Part 1

from Paul, January 23 2018


The screenshot above shows GedGap sitting on top of RootsMagic 7 Ancestry WebHints window, and the Ancestry “Australia and New Zealand, Obituary Index, 2004-2017″ source has a different death date to my records.

With GedGap, I can record a research log entry indicating of the issue (shown in orange in the figure above). The priority was changed from “Done” to “Reviewed” enables me to record people I have reviewed Ancestry WebHints for.

Tomorrow, I will show the process for reviewing the research list and the changes made when additional information has been identified from the WebHints.

Please note; As author of the GedGap tool, this review is factual on the functionality of the GedGap tool but may contain bias given the relationship of the author of this blog entry and the tool being reviewed. 

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