RootsMagic 7 with GedGap Tool reviewed – Part 2

from Paul, January 24 2018

Today, I will outline a research review technique using RootsMagic 7 Ancestry WebHints using the genealogy tool GedGap.

The main research plan window shows Richard Peter Young with a reasonable confidence level of four stars and low priority.


By using the Search People List in RootsMagic and entering 11 for the record number, Richard Peter Young record is highlighted and clicking on the light bulb for Ancestry shows the following WebHints.


The London, England, Church of England Deaths and Burials, 1813-2003 has place of burial as “Wandsworth, St. Mary, Battersea, England” which is additional information to be recorded. The difference is shown in red with my records in RootsMagic being just “Battersea, Surrey, England”.

The research notes have been added in GedGap (highlight in the figure above in orange), the confidence level has been reduced to 3 stars and the priority raised to 7-Reviewed (this way, I can still sort the research list by priority number and also record that I have reviewed all WebHints). The Death Tip has a magnifying glass with the word Ancestry added to indicate to search Ancestry in the near future.

After using GedGap and RootsMagic 7 with Ancestry WebHints, I have found it a useful way to systematic review my research, and add additional information for future research (possibly during Ancestry free access weekends). 

Please note; As author of the GedGap tool, this review is factual on the functionality of the GedGap tool but may contain bias given the relationship of the author of this blog entry and the tool being reviewed. 

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