RootsMagic 7 with GedGap Tool reviewed – Part 5 Verdict

from Paul, January 27 2018

My verdict applies to using GedGap (free genealogy tool) with the free RootsMagic 7 Essentials genealogy software, as opposed to a paid version with adds additional features,

The ability to add research notes in GedGap was useful as a mechanism to collect my thoughts as I explored the various WebHints in RootsMagic (or other online source). While adding information into a person research notes, I was able to reconsider the confidence I had in the research so far and whether the new evidence increased on decreased that level of confidence (which I could update in GedGap).

In addition, without the to-do list in the free version of RootsMagic 7, I could change the priority of the research for a person to indicate a numeric value (0-low to 9-High) as well as to indicate that I had reviewed the WebHints, i.e. I used 7-Reviewed as a priority.

Lastly, I used the tree notes as a scratchpad to record Ancestry footnote data which I could then copy and paste when adding sources into RootsMagic and Ancestry website.

Obviously, the paid version of RootsMagic provides greater functionality by adding to-do lists as well as being able to update your RootsMagic tree directly with data from Ancestry via TreeShare (instead of having to manually add sources etc and change details for a person’s event).

That been said, as a free alternative, the use of GedGap with RootsMagic was useful in helping me manage and plan my genealogy research and I found manually adding sources in both RootsMagic and Ancestry made me think about what I was adding (instead of sources being treated as click-bait).

Please note; As author of the GedGap tool, this review is factual on the functionality of the GedGap tool but may contain bias given the relationship of the author of this blog entry and the tool being reviewed. 

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