Bug in GedGap with Embedded Sources – More Musing

from Paul, January 30 2018

Thinking about the issue of embedded sources, i.e. citations that do not reference a source record, the treatment within GedGap is clearer to me.

These sources are specific to an individual and by their nature, can not be shared to other individuals in a family tree (although, multiple embedded sources may exist that reference the same physical document).

Within GedGap, I will check the description following the source and treat this as an embedded source title, any PAGE tag following will be treated as a concatenation to this title and they with be stored as a string : integer dictionary array within the individual table, i.e. title and score.

Update: GedGap2Go does not crash loading GEDCOM with embedded sources. That been said, it does not use the embedded source title or any citation in its scoring.

Update (February 2 2018): The use of a string : integer dictionary was not necessary, rather a string array storing the title and citation, delimited by a null was used (see code example on 2nd February post).