February App Update

from Paul, February 1 2018

I am currently updating GedGap to handle embedded sources, typically citations that have been added in Ancestry.com trees to which there is no source record. GedGap will treat the citation as a source relating to the individual and be stored with other individual data. An update to GedGap is planned early in February to address the crashing when loading GEDCOM files with embedded sources.

An update to PlanDoCheckAdjust is proceeding well with an incremental update in the programming language complete and will be available early this year, addressing some bug fixes and improved reporting (allowing for scaled portrait and landscape printing).

The majority of the update is internal to provide consistency in programming style across all macOS apps, although, PlanDoCheckAdjust internals are reasonable standard to the others.

As mentioned previously, when the MacOS app updates are complete, we will announce updates to our iOS apps (synchronization of data between MacOS and iOS apps) as well as a new iOS app being developed.