GedGap updated for Embedded Sources – Update Pending

from Paul, February 2 2018

The update for embedded sources is proceeding well. I have allowed for the typical Ancestry embedded source with no description whereas the individual has used the detail field to record the source information, as well as the typically structured embedded source.


Above is a screenshot of the code to determine the birth score from embedded source details stored from loading the GEDCOM. The major difference is the scoring is based on the title and citation.

From a GEDCOM file downloaded from the GEDCOM library, (, 148846348390729.ged submitted by andrew mcdonough)


The embedded source was from and did not have.a title but the citation contained a NSW BDM reference which was scored under Death Citations (refer image above).

An update to GedGap is pending further testing and will provide;
• Fixed bug causing crash loading GEDCOM file with embedded sources (citations not linked to source records),
• Improved event citation tag parsing in respect of concatenate processing, and
• Improved source id with leading dash no longer being treated as negative.

Currently, working on some background checking of UI issues in reporting relating to upgrade of programming language version to Swift 4.