GedGap Main Thread Checker and Stamps Update

from Paul, February 4 2018

Well, after much ado, the changes to GedGap are finalised in terms of ensuring the UI is updated (or more correctly, reading values from UI elements) on the main thread.

I will spend about a week or so in checking especially since it has been updated to the latest Swift programming language. Fingers crossed…

One of the frustration things was the changes to font styling attribute setting or more so, I forgot to add .rawValue to the end of the underline definition in the People report whilst updating the code to Swift 4. Needless to say, the warnings were numerous although the cause was directly identified by the warnings. All good now though.

The next version of GedGap addresses the following;
• Fixed bug causing crash loading GEDCOM file with embedded sources (citations not linked to source records),
• Improved event citation tag parsing in respect of concatenate processing,
• Improved source id with leading dash no longer being treated as negative,
• Improved support for GEDCOM files from Ancestry (embedded sources, source and citation tags), and
• Added ‘Edited’ to window title when document has been changed but not saved

Recently, we received some feedback from Andrew “…I have tried repeatedly to load my GEDCOM from, however the application crashes each time when I attempt to load it”. Hopefully, the latest update, when released, addresses this issue for Andrew.

Last year, a Stamps customer provided the following suggestion in the app review;

“A note about catalog numbers: Stamps has a field to enter Catalog ID. However, if a catalog number is entered in the field, it does not seem to allow sorting by the catalog number within the program’s table. If this is important to you, a work around exists. Enter the catalog number, or other ID, at the begining of the stamp description (in the stamp description field). In this way your stamps may be sorted or searched by catalog number or ID” (by graeuwritere – Oct 18, 2017).

Given the hiatus from PlanDoCheckAdjust update due to focusing on the GedGap issue around embedded sources, I thought I would follow up on allowing Stamps to sort by catalog ID.  More to come…