GedGap Update Released

from Paul, February 7 2018

After testing the new version of GedGap and being concerned for customers who may have tried and been disappointed with GedGap due to possibly crashing when loading their GEDCOM files due to embedded sources, I thought it prudent to submit the updated app to the Mac App Store earlier than planned (reduced testing time).

One issue as a developer is the need for diverse GEDCOM files from many different sources as a way of quality assurance but the issue customers have is that these files contain a lot of personal information so there can be a unwillingness to share, which is perfectly understandable.

I noted that Ancestry does not mark living individuals as private when exporting a GEDCOM file which would be useful.

Thus, I hope this latest version of GedGap is received well and if you are reading this and have had an issue, please reach out and contact us so that we can assist in resolving any issues you may have,

The latest version of GedGap is available for download on the Mac App Store.