Stamps Testing

from Paul, February 9 2018

I am testing the new update to Stamps by manually entering in my 1988 New Zealand Stamp collection. Seems to be going well so far and I am thinking of a new report to showcase the stamps, including photos and key data.

The current change log for Stamps is;
• Bug fix for out of range importing or exporting CSV condition,
• Bug fix for not displaying all import issues,
• Relocated catalogue number to table for sorting, colour to form.
• Catalogue number hidden when used as a prefix in stamp description (prior work-around was prefixing ID to description for catalogue number sorting),
• Added catalogue number to search combo box,
• Changed individual portfolio reporting lines to print total holding cost, worth and profit as opposed to unit values,
• Other minor changes to reporting (some headings and widths) in reports, and
• Added ‘Edited’ to window title when document has been changed but not saved.