TreeShare Minor Annoyance,

from Paul, February 10 2018

It is with some in trepidation that I make this post as the TreeShare annoyance is somewhat minor in nature, especially compared to some issues reporting about the syncing issues of another software package has with Ancestry.

The annoyance is more to do with Ancestry user interface than RootsMagic 7 Essentials, in that each citation is shown as a list which is what you would expect, except for the fact that if a source is cited for multiple events, Ancestry repeats for each event, see below where the 1841 census citation has been repeated four times; for birth, for residence, for gender or either nothing for general source.


To overcome this, each citation has to be edited and each event recorded within the citation with of course, is different to RootsMagic, where the citation is recorded individually against each event or attributes, see below;


One issue with this approach is the general source with needs a separate citation with no facts recorded. I think the use of recording against name may elevate the separate citation for general sources.

I will try this approach and check out any issues. More to come…