Stamp Gallery Report – Work in Progress

from Paul, February 13 2018

A new report will appear for the next update of Stamps which showcases the stamp collection using a gallery styled report.

I have added a stamp image into a listing report (see image below) as a trial work in progress, but the new report will have this image enlarged on the left hand side with the catalog number, description, face value, year, country, colour and dimensions listed down to the right of the image.


Just happy that adding an image into a report was quite easy. 

Next and a bit trickier was spacing out the reporting lines to enable a reasonable sized image and a list of reporting lines.

At the moment, the image is resized correctly but the aspect is incorrect and image to be reposition to the left margin. The other stamp details need to placed in a list and repositioned to the right of the image.

More to come…