Ancestry GEDCOM and GedGap Issue Identified

from Paul, February 15 2018

I just received an email from Carl and it appears that is an issue with some GEDCOM files from Ancestry and GedGap. Please accept my apology if you are effected. I had thought the issues with Ancestry GEDCOM were resolved, but it appears that maybe some loose ends to be tidied.

If you have had this problem and if it is possible, please send me your GEDCOM file so that I can diagnose the problem here via the Help > Email the Developer menu option.

If you don’t wish to send the GEDCOM file but would like to help resolve this issue; when GedGap crashes, a crash dialog appears with a Send to Apple button which sends the crash details to Apple who then forward it to me.

I can look into the reason why and then update the app to resolve the problem for you. An update for GedGap will be made available as soon as possible.

Update: One issue I have noted with Ancestry GEDCOM files is the ability to add an embedded source that has no citation detail based on an Ancestry source (_APID tag). The GEDCOM file illustrating this issue is from the GEDCOM library using 148981323639514.GED submitted by Amy Lovegreen, Willow River Mn 55795). I have redacted the date for privacy.