Musing on Stamps Update

from Paul, February 19 2018

I was musing on a small change to Stamps, thinking about how it was a small change, aesthetic in form but the effort seemed somewhat greater than the return.

The change I am referring to is the truncating of the NSBox stamps titles on the Details and Documents forms to fit the available space.

The original code was to truncate the stamp title to a certain number of characters. If the window was resized, this truncation remained the same so it was not ideal and depending on the text glyph sizes, the text displayed could be slightly greater than the available size..

I changed it to fit within a NSRect of the size from the beginning of the NSBox title to the end, allowing for a small trailing indent. But to do it, I had to allow for dynamic window resizing. This caused an issue, since if the window was resized smaller, the original text would overlap the magnification slider on the Documents window.

I settled on changing the text to fit the smallest size window at the beginning of a resize and then to the size to fit the final window size on end. The dynamic nature, although worked ok, had a performance hit.

Today, I will focus on the user guide and updated screenshots for the Mac App Store. I hope to release an update in the coming days.

Update: The new user guide for version 1.11 is available plus an added bonus of my New Zealand 1988 stamp collection as a stamp document to download.