Stamps Update on MAS

from Paul, February 20 2018

A new update to Stamps will be uploaded to the Mac App Store later today for review by Apple. Once approved, the update will be available to download from the Mac App Store.

The update will contain the following changes;
• Bug fix for out of range importing or exporting CSV condition,
• Bug fix for not displaying all import CSV issues,
• Relocated catalogue number to table for sorting, colour to form.
• Catalogue number hidden when used as a prefix in stamp description (prior work-around was prefixing ID to description for catalogue number sorting),
• Added catalogue number to search combo box,
• Improved Details and Documents box title truncation,
• Added new Gallery report showing stamp image and detailed list of catalogue number, description, face value, year, country, color and dimensions,
• Changed individual portfolio reporting lines to print total holding cost, worth and profit as opposed to unit values,
• Other minor changes to reporting (some headings and widths) in reports, and
• Added ‘Edited’ to window title when document has been changed but not saved.

Update: Apple has reviewed and approved the Stamps update (version 1.11).

The latest version of Stamps is available for download on the Mac App Store.

It may take up to 24 hours for this update to be available in your Mac App Store.