Ignored married name tag

from Paul, February 25 2018

I noticed a problem yesterday with my Ancestry tree that there were two marriage sources for Jane Burdett linked to her death event. Given I didn’t have any details for her death, I wondered how this could have occurred,

The Ancestry tree was uploaded by TreeShare from RootsMagic which in turn was created from my Reunion family tree software via a single-use console app I created to convert the Reunion GEDCOM into an Ancestry friendly RootsMagic GEDCOM, using the Ancestry form and changing event memos into Ancestry descriptions.

It appears that this conversion caused the issue since I ignored married name tag since this was not used in RootsMagic but neglected to also ignore the associated sources.

In Jane’s case, the married name fact followed the death event in the GEDCOM file, so ignoring the tag meant that RootsMagic treated these sources as belonging to the prior event being the death.

I am currently consolidating my sources in Ancestry, i.e. RoostMagic uploads individual citation for a single source resulting in a single source being shown repeatedly in Ancestry for multiple facts. I consolidate the facts into one source for the same citation detail so now, I need to check individual’s who had a married name fact and check if how the resulting sources were treated.