from Paul, February 27 2018

I have been reflecting on some negatives and positives over the last year.

The negatives have been associated with GedGap. Firstly, a demonstration version was compromised and posted on another website to remove the record limit, which lead to a decision which I still agree with, to change GedGap to a free app. Given it prior success, this has been a financially challenging decision.

Secondly, although GedGap has been downloaded many more times than the other apps combined, it has tended to receive less favourable reviews on the Mac App Store probably due to issues identified recently from some customers, which have been countered by more positive reviews in some print media and genealogy websites.

The converse of this is the success of Coins and Stamps. Although not as financially successful as GedGap, probably due to the niche market of coin, medal and stamp collecting, the reviews received have been positive.

PlanDoCheckAdjust is still an uncertainty. Although the update is in hiatus, I feel this app is yet to reach its potential, Reviews and comments have been light in comparison to the other apps, similar to what we have received for our iOS apps.

For the next year,  the iOS and macOS apps will have a tighter integration with the sharing of data and a new iOS app will be released in the coming year.