Stamps Document Size Increase

from Paul, March 2 2018

I was interested to see the file size of my stamp collection increase remarkably after adding some invoices and certificates of authenticity. These latter images were small in size, being a few hundred kilobytes but for sixty-two stamps, the overall document size went from ninety megabytes to over three hundred megabytes.

I am pondering whether to add a decrease file size menu option, or simply save at a certain image dimension within the database. Another option is to add an SQLite vacuum option to rebuild the store file, forcing a database wide defragmentation when the store is added to the coordinator. More to come…

Update: The NSSQLiteManualVacuumOption has a performance hit (doubles the load time of a document) but reduces space by 10%.

Update (March 3): Reducing the dpi of documents to 72 and size reduction of 25% had a dramatic impact. The database increased from low 90MB to under 200MB with invoice and certificates added, a reduction of under ½ to prior size.