More on Stamps Images Sizes

from Paul, March 6 2018

As part of updating Stamps, getting the internal database aspects is crucial. The Stamps document image size issue seems to be coming to a close. I have used SQLite vacuum and analyze on a periodic basis and instead of scanning in a document image, I drag and drop a PDF of the document. The file size is more representative of the documents, rather than an internal SQLite lossless image format, e.g. jpeg images were converted to a tiff type image and stored internally.

A database with documents was 84.6MB and adding two documents (117KB and 131KB(, resulted in a new database size of 84.9MB – nice! 

I suspect using PDFs for stamp images would also result in a reduced database size. I created PDFs from all my stamp images, added them to a newly imported CSV of my collection as well as two document PDFs (invoice and certificate of authenticity). The result was a 9MB database with the folder of PDFs have a total size of 8.9MB.

After adding certificates of authenticity and invoices to relevant stamps, the resulting database size is 15.5MB, a much improved result to the prior efforts of under 200MB, and previously of around 350MB.