Reduce File Size Menu Option

from Paul, March 7 2018

I was considering whether to include a “Reduce File Size” menu option in Stamps and Coins.

When you drag an image into your collection to be saved, it is internally converted into a lossless format. I tried to replicate this issue and wondered whether internal converting these lossless images to PDF would assist.


The Mangopare stamps image above is a JPEG file with a size of 146KB. When I saved this to a lossless TIFF format, the resultant file size is 1.8MB. Converting the original JPEG file results into a PDF of file size 161KB, whereas the PDF from the TIFF file is 1.3MB.

A “Reduce File Size” menu option would cause the original collection file size to reduce by 28% (i.e. same reduction as the lossless image to PDF discussed above), but this is still 8 to 9 times greater than a PDF of the JPEG file being saved.

Therefore, exporting the original collection as a CSV, selecting “New from CSV…” to re-import this CSV and then re-dragging PDFs of the original image may be a better option but time consuming.