Alternate Approach to Ancestry

from Paul, March 15 2018

After yesterday’s issues with RootsMagic, I have decided to try a different approach. The reason for not using RootsMagic was due to;

  • Stability issues of RootsMagic using Wine on the Mac platform, and
  • Uploading multiple citations for different facts as opposed to one citation linked to multiple facts,

Also, as my original tree was sourced from Reunion, it meant that the images were linked to sources and not citations (not supported by Reunion), so I ended up with thousand images that needed to be manual linked or removed.

An alternate approach was to modify the one-off GEDCOM converter app (mentioned previously) and removed the template additions added for RootsMagic.

By updating this to Ancestry (excluding multimedia links), I had an improved tree to which I manually added headstone, photos and vital documents to events. I can use GedGap to review Ancestry hints and update the research plan.

Thus, I uninstalled RootsMagic but archived my RM7 tree data. I am considering upgrading to Reunion 12.

Update (16th March): Upgraded to Reunion 12 (left) with GedGap (right).