April App and Site Update

The latter part of March was troubling with Adobe announcing the end of life for both Adobe Muse (software we had used to publish this website) and Adobe Business Catalyst (the web hosting service we had used for this website) and Apple announcing that at the beginning of April, changes to “What’s New” and the support and marketing URLs for apps could only be changed when submitting a new app or upgrade.

In short, with the lock-down of URLs, changing the hosting of the website could result in broken links from the App Store to our support website. Of course, changing to a self-hosting solution would be feasible and not cause a broken links, but given one of the reasons for Adobe’s Muse end of life announcement being hosted web services, this provide an incentive to explore new opportunities.

One of these was the hosting solutions at WordPress.com, but the links would change, e.g. the support page for GedGap changed from domain-name/gedgap.html to domain-name/gedgap/. Hence, this was the reason to make the change to WordPress before the beginning of April.

In regard apps, the Coins app is near complete with the user guide to be updated, and the Stamps and GedGap apps are ready to be submitted. It is anticipated that all apps will be submitted in early weeks of April.

Work will then commence of data sharing between Stamps2Go and Stamps (with the iOS version being able to load and save Stamps documents) – that is the plan.