Coins Update in  Mac App Store

The release notes for the update are;

• Fixed issue with quantity purchased validation,
• Added validation rules for negative quantity, cost and valuation values when importing CSV files, and
• Fixed issue with New from CSV import panel not opening in some circumstances.

• Altered main window view for obverse and reverse images to be vertical aligned,
• Changed Denomination to Face Value,
• Added wording to drag and drop an image when no coin, invoice or certificate image was present,
• Added options to Preferences to provide alternate layout for obverse and reverse label positioning and excluding images when duplicating a coin or medal,
• Added color validation with tooltips for wishlist items that are purchased (date, quantity and cost) and for duplicate items with zero quantity,
• Changed order of fields in Import Preview window to match order shown in table and form, and
• Changed date purchased from picker to text field (which validates date but allows blank when date is unknown).

• Added ability to search and filter on mint marks, text in notes and duplicate or wishlist coin descriptions,
• Added mintage, mint marks, website URL, estimated date, duplicate, estimated cost and wishlist to data model,
• Added website follow link button to enquire of latest valuations,
• Added option to Preferences to provide ability to add or remove mint marks, and
• Changed Help menu to link to support page for latest advisory notes and guides.

• Portfolio statistics window and report modified to exclude newly added wishlist items,
• Portfolio report adds suffixes for newly added duplicates and estimated costs,
• Added Purchase History report to print id, description, date, qty, cost and vendor for purchased coins, and
• Added coin grading, composition, and catalog value to the Gallery Report.

There have been many changes to the version and please accept my apologies for the delay (I know so of you have waited patiently which has been appreciated). If there is a problem with this release, can you be so kind as to let me know via our website contact form or email me from within the app from ‘Help > Email the Developer’ menu option.

Also, instead of adding a user guide within the app (like previous versions), this will be available from our website since it allows me the ability to make changes to improve its clarity based on the support email I receive.