Stamps update

We are currently working on a update for our Stamps app which contains the following changes;

• Added validation rules for negative quantity, cost and valuation values when importing CSV files, and
• Fixed issue with New from CSV import panel not opening in some circumstances.
• Added wording to drag and drop an image when no coin, invoice or certificate image was present, and
• Changed order of fields in Import Preview window to match order shown in table.
• Stamp images are optimised as a high quality thumbnail to reduce the database size,
• Added a menu option for manual optimisation of images (if required),
• Allowed the perforation count to allow for 1/2 (or 0.5) counts,
• Add catalog value to the Gallery Report, and
• Changed Help menu to link to support page for latest advisory notes and guides.

The changes in version 1.13 were selected from a wish list of requests focusing on keeping the existing screen layout the same as the prior version. We are hoping the optimisation of images will improve the database size when larger images have been added to stamp records (*).

The scheduled date for release is late January or early February 2019.

(*) The optimisation of images will be ported across to the Coins app for its next release.