Coins and Stamps Pricing

A surprise notification from Apple was received this morning, namely “As of February 1, 2019, all payments into bank accounts in New Zealand and Australia will be wire transfers”. Furthermore, the payment threshold has increased meaning delays in receiving funds from Apple, i.e. outstanding balances are carried forward until threshold met.

Although an option to increase pricing seemed logically to cover wire transfer costs (which are considerable), we have considered offering the Coins and Stamps apps free of charge into the foreseeable future.

The disadvantage of this strategy is the ongoing business model will require support from donations to allow for continued development. Please consider offering a donation when requesting enhancements to apps.

UPDATE; As a result of this change, our apps can be downloaded directly from MacUpdate or from us directly from the Downloads menu or app Support page, as an alternate to the  Mac App Store (please ensure your Security and Privacy settings in System Preferences has allow apps downloaded from App Store and identified developers).