User Guide Update for Stamps

The user guide for version 1.14 (and the prior version of 1.13) of Stamps has been updated and is available from our Stamps support page.

The main changes to the guide include;

  • Reformatting due to a change in rendering the PDF file (see below),
  • perforation count allows for ½ count,
  • Added used/unused, entering, gum condition and valuation to the Gallery report to include, and
  • Stamp image thumbnail image optimization.

This accessible PDF has been produced using Adobe’s online PDF Pack, which enabled us to reduce the size of images but still maintain a high level of resolution (up to 1200x) without pixelation.

Our previous accessible PDFs were produced using Microsoft’s online conversion services from within Microsoft Word, which produced good quality PDF files but without the desired image quality (i.e. images could be reduced to 40% but had some noticeable pixelation when magnified).

This user guide will be available from our website since it allows me the ability to make changes to improve its clarity based on the support email I receive. When changes are made, the version number of the document will be suffixed by a letter “a” through “z”.