App Pricing

We received notification from Adobe that the price of their Adobe PDF Pack subscription will increase, effective immediately.

Although this increase is unfortunate, we are committed to absorb this cost and still provide our apps to you free of charge.

Update (7 March 2019); I previously reported an issue with the use of Microsoft’s online conversion and image quality.

Our previous accessible PDFs were produced using Microsoft’s online conversion services from within Microsoft Word, which produced good quality PDF files but without the desired image quality (i.e. images could be reduced to 40% but had some noticeable pixelation when magnified).

Word Edit settings showing default resolution and do not compress images in file.
Figure 1 – Word Edit Settings.

Within the Edit settings, setting the image resolution to “High Fidelity” and ensuring the images are not compressed (see figure 1), the quality of the PDFs using this service has improved dramatically, albeit, less than Adobe PDF Pack but I feel weighing up the improvement in quality against cost is harder to justify with the Adobe PDF Pack service.

Pixelation in Microsoft (left) and Adobe (right) at 400% with loupe enlarging image further.
Figure 2 – Pixelation in Microsoft (L) and Adobe (R) conversion.

A pixelation comparison can be seen in figure 2, showing an image in the GedGap user guide at 400% magnification and enlarged further in the loupe. Adobe’s image is clearer but Microsoft’s conversion is reasonable.