GedGap and Ancestry

The introduction of MyTreeTags™ on Ancestry has allowed a greater integration of features from GedGap and your online tree.

The use of tags in Ancestry is a method of adding post-it note stickies to an individual in your tree. At a glance, information like missing sources for events can be highlighted. I have added a series of tags to cover missing sources for birth, burial, death and marriage events, see figure 1.

Custom MyTreeTags™ showing missing birth, burial, death and marriage sources.
Figure 1 – Custom MyTreeTags™.

For people in my tree, I add these custom tags to their research so as to highlight issues (missing or inadequate sources; missing data) in events.

In reviewing Edith Burdett’s research in GedGap, the research notes indicate a possible source for a missing marriage event, namely, the England & Wales, Civil Registration Marriage Index indicating a remarriage after her former spouse’s death.

Editing research notes for Edith Burdett.
Figure 2 – Editing research notes for Edith Burdett.

In Ancestry, I had added the custom marriage MyTreeTags™ to Edith Burdett, indicating that the marriage event and/or sources are missing; no date or place recorded.

Missing marriage event (or sources) added to individual research.
Figure 3 – MyTreeTags™ added to individual research.

The details from the research notes in GedGap can be added to Ancestry to highlight research activities to be performed.

Furthermore, these tags can be filtered to show all individuals with a certain tag. Additional tags that can be added are “complete” and “brick wall” which relate to research complete or exhausted respectively, see figure 3.

Research MyTreeTags™ showing research complete or brick wall (exhausted).
Figure 4 – Research MyTreeTags™.

Furthermore, the tags can be visible on “View on Tree”, albiet as a dropdown from right-clicking on an individual, see figure 4.

MyTreeTags™ shown from Tree View.
Figure 5 – MyTreeTags™ from Tree View.

MyTreeTags™ are a trademark of Ancestry Inc.

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