Free, No Ads and No Tracking


Our wesbite has no tracking as verified by Firefox. It is a vanilla, out-of-the box site made from a template to provide access to our apps,  support for these apps and our contact details.

Why? Because we, like you, want to use the internet without our movements being tracked.

Our apps are free, with no advertisements, no nag screens and no in-app purchases.

Why? Because we, like you, do not like ads in apps or annoyances to purchase or have an app’s functions reduced without funding.

Lastly, Our apps are hardened to protect the runtime integrity of our software and as they are distributed outside of the Mac App Store, they have been notarized by Apple to be free of malicious software.

Why? Because we, like you, want apps to be safe to use.

Opening QuotesIn short, our apps are free and safe to use and our website allows you to wander freely without tracking.Closing quotes