RetroGen with Events

Recently, I have reviewing the GEDCOM standard and was pleased to see a section detailing all the valid event tags for individuals and families.

Screenshot of code showing event tags.

Some of the events are undated in that they are used for facts, but generally speaking, most are for events. These tags are loaded into a table along with their title and description and are used to parse tags for their validity.

For matches, the individual (or family) event files are updated with two keys, a unique key of the individual (or family id) and an incremental number up to the count of events for the individual, and a secondary key that allows duplicates of individual (or family) id and the tag. This allows for sequential reading of all finding specific tag (e.g. BIRTh or DEATh) for an individual and obviously, some of the tags have duplicates, e.g. residence etc.

Overall, incorporating events and using the find module to select a person, showing their family and events for that person, their families is satisfying. I hope to work on linking in the citations, to individuals, events, families, notes etc.

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