RetroGen – August update

The month of July had highs and lows with experimenting with different old terminal types for displaying box drawing graphics from the 1970s to reviewing GEDCOM loading.

I was concerned about privacy given some of my earlier posts had genealogy data so these were removed. I was able to find and use other fictitious GEDCOM files for my family tree testing.

The terminal emulation is fraught with issue in the accuracy of the emulation so I wound back the supported terminals to some old favourites of the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) VT100, VT220 and xterm. I excluded the more simpler VT52 due to lack of function keys and video attributes like reverse-video since this made it difficult to highlight the menu letter or draw family tree images on the screen. Although I had initially included the Wyse60 terminal with its lowlights and normal intensity, its seems the emulation was problematic so it was removed.

I suspect most people will use xterm on the native macOS terminal and this emulation, like the DEC fore mentioned works well.

RetroGen using xterm showing allged.ged.

As for GEDCOM loading, this is proceeding well but it can be more a question of what should be left out. I managed to find a good example of a file containing many GEDCOM tags and I am working through that file and the 5.5.1 standard. The advantage of this approach is the more obscure tags can be seen in context although, as an example, I suspect notes to changed date and time maybe left out.

In the month of August, I will concentrate back on completing the addition of tags for GEDCOM loading based on the GEDCOM 5.5.1 standard. That been said, I suspect some features will be too arduous to add since that don’t easily fit into the logic implored for recording specific data elements.

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