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GedGap is a free genealogy tool that can help you plan, rate and prioritize your research plan from an imported GEDCOM file;

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  • Analyze and score each of your sources to reveal gaps in the reliability of your birth and death entries,
  • Prioritize individual avenues of research based on the quality of the sources upon which they’re based,
  • Determine a confidence rating in your sources based on completeness of research,
  • Provide brief tips on birth and death entries for researching,
  • Allow you to add brief notes to each entries status of research,
  • Allow you to set flags for missing sources being proof of birth and death events, whether research is complete or has ceased, and
  • Produces various reports on your research plan.
Your Family History magazine
– ‘Reviews: Software & Apps’, page 94, May 2017.

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… takes any GEDCOM file and then rates all the birth and death event sources for each person in your tree. Scores are calculated by type of source (so a certificate is better than a census record) … making this a great tool for Mac users wishing to validate key data in their tree.

Genealogy Software Reviews
– Louis Kessler, “GedGap

Begin QuotesA genealogy tool for the Mac that can help you plan, rate and prioritize your research plan. Can import your GEDCOM file from your family tree web site or genealogy software. It can also analyze your sources to reveal gaps in the reliability of your birth and death entries.

Mac Genealogy
– Chad, “GedGap 2.0 Released

GedGap 2.0 has been released by Seven Cookies. GedGap 2.0 is a major upgrade. GedGap is a macOS program that is a genealogy research utility – it’s not a a full-fledged genealogy application like Heredis, MacFamilyTree, Reunion, etc. Instead, it analyzes a GEDCOM file, and provides information on things such as sources and quality/confidence of sources (or lack thereof), problems with entries (births/deaths), as well as pointing you towards areas that need more research.

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macupdateGedGap v2.7 macOS 10.10+ Free
★★⅓  – 3 ratings

After a GEDCOM file is imported, GedGap will analyse the sources against each person’s birth and death event. The scoring determines the relevance of a source to the event with more relevant sources scoring higher, e.g. a birth certificate provides stronger evidence of the birth of a person than a census record. The internal scoring engine is customisable for different birth and death source types, e.g. birth index, death certificates, etc.

For each person in your tree, their confidence rating shows how strong the birth and death sources are in proving evidence of the birth and death events, the priority (which is similar to a to-do list) can be set where lower scored sources would have a higher priority, birth and death tips allows for a brief status or repository to be searched as well as research notes can be entered against each person.

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