GedGap Change Log

Version 1.0 (Sep 21, 2015)

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  • Initial Release

Version 1.1 (Oct 12, 2015)

  • Bugs Fixed; Loading GEDCOM file issue has been fixed,
  • Added ability to adjust main and edit window sizes,
  • Added ability to adjust table columns’ sizes and order,
  • Added pinch zooming to text on Tree, List and Audit tabs,
  • Added support for GEDCOM abbreviation (ABBR) source tag when title tag not present,
  • Added ‘Tree’ report,
  • Modified GEDCOM tag parsing, and
  • Removed shadow around icon.

Version 1.2 (Nov 04, 2015)

  • Added customisable birth and death scoring for sources under Preferences, e.g. change score or add new source types,
  • Added ‘Recalculate GedGap Scores’ when scoring changes under Edit menu, and
  • Added ‘Email the Developer’ for feedback and comments under Help menu.

Version 1.3 (Nov 18, 2015)

  • Fixed incorrect source definition causing some GEDCOM imports to fail,
  • Fixed being able to edit the research plan for an unselected person,
  • Fixed sorting by source title or free-form text in Sources table, and
  • Fixed birth and death scoring tables not refreshing when Defaults clicked in Preferences.

Version 1.4 (Jan 09, 2016)

  • Fixed repositioning on selected person after finishing editing research plan,
  • GedGap score filtering less than maximum will now include living persons,
  • Some performance enhancements, and
  • Added Read User Guide to open an embedded user guide from the Help menu.

Version 1.5 (Apr 23, 2016)

  • Bug Fixed: Fixed app crashing when opening a prior saved document that had a GedGap score filtered less than maximum.

Version 1.6 (May 10, 2016)

  • Added checking for GEDCOM file encodings from RootsMagic (thanks to Peter Mapp).

Version 1.7 (Jan 27, 2017)

  • Bug fixes, and
  • Added support for GEDCOM files with indented tags (exported from Geni).

Version 2.0 (Nov 17, 2017)

  • Added ability to re-import a GEDCOM file to update priorities, confidence, tips and scores but preserves research notes,
  • Bug fixes (text scrolling issue in people legend drawer has been replaced with a popover window),
  • Bug fix for landscape printing and scale,
  • Added Touch Bar support for selected MacBook Pros,
  • Added animated birth and death quality scoring gauges (updated in background) to edit research plan window,
  • Dynamic resizing of list and audit output after window size changes,
  • Remove detailed listing of source details to improve readability of list output,
  • Added coloured coded source scoring bar graphics and source tooltips to audit output,
  • Changed birth and death gap scores in People table from numbers to level indicators,
  • Added birth and death relevance indicators to Sources table,
  • Changed filtering by slider to include research completed and exhausted,
  • Added option to hide living, private, research exhausted or complete flags in Plan table within Preferences,
  • Added New Document, New from GEDCOM and Release Notes to main menu, and
  • Added New Document, New from GEDCOM and Preferences to dock menu.

Version 2.1 (Nov 22, 2017)

  • Fixed Plan window; names were colored blue when notes were added which was difficult to read with blue highlight color.

Version 2.2 (Jan 03, 2018)

  • Added user guide to Help menu.

Version 2.3 (Feb 06, 2018)

  • Fixed bug causing crash loading GEDCOM file with embedded sources (citations not linked to source records),
  • Improved event citation tag parsing in respect of concatenate processing,
  • Improved source id with leading dash no longer being treated as negative, and
  • Improved support for GEDCOM files from Ancestry (embedded sources, source and citation tags), and
  • Added ‘Edited’ to window title when document has been changed but not saved.

Version 2,4 (Feb 16, 2018)

  • Fixed bug causing crash when loading GEDCOM with embedded sources that have no citation detail based on an Ancestry source (source with _APID tag reference only).

Version 2.5 (Apr 26, 2018)

  • Fixed issue with People report causing a crash,
  • Fixed issue with setting “Hide Private, Living, Research Exhausted and Complete flags in Plan table” in Preferences causing a crash and expanded tp hide individuals with privacy filters,
  • Fixed issue allowing Missing Birth, Death, Exhausted flags to be set with Research Complete flag,
  • Fixed audit cell scoring bar graphics not refreshing for new audit searches,
  • Improved display of level indicators, and
  • Removed some table columns to improved viewing of key data on reduced window widths.

Version 2.6 (Dec 20, 2018)

  • Fix selecting last person viewed when opening a document,
  • Fixed issue with importing larger GEDCOM files causing unresponsiveness in some cases, and
  • Improved color palette for dark mode in macOS 10.14.

Version 2.7 (May 16, 2019)

  • Fixed bug when editing an empty note caused a crash in some circumstances,
  • Limit individuals shown for audit and list displays to allow for refined search criteria,
  • Changed Help menu’s ‘Email the Developer’ to ‘Contact Support’ with default browser opening contact web page,
  • Fixed bug when printing a report caused a crash from File > Print (as opposed to Reports) menu, and
  • Fixed issue with text legibility in dark mode.


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