PDCA2Go is a great tool to solve issues using the Plan, Do, Check and Adjust model as a iterative four-step management method.

Each team issue has a problem statement (brief description, where occurring, time-frame and magnitude) and the RASCIQ (Responsible, Approver, Support, Consult, Inform and Quality Review) model is used to record roles so as to ensure adequate resources are available.

The findings at each stage are recorded with the ability to email management, as well as being able to store before and after photos.


The following resources are available for the current version 1,2 of PDCA2Go, with the PDF format e-book also available from within the application by tapping on the Help button;

If you are having any issues or you have a suggestion, please contact us with your comments.

Advisory Notes

Please note; PDCA2Go does not currently synchronise data with PlanDoCheckAdjust.

PDCA2Go can store data on the iCloud Drive to be shared across other mobile devices (iPhones or iPads) or data can be stored locally on the device.ᅠ In addition, you can backup or restore data stored on the iCloud drive to your device.


To uninstall or remove PDCA2Go from your device;

  • From your Home screen, press and hold the PDCA2Go icon,
  • After a few seconds, tap a small ⓧ that appears in the top left-hand corner of the icon, and
  • Tap Delete when a message asking you to confirm deletion appears. This message will also indicate that the any data stored on the iCloud for use by other devices will remain.
  • Optionally, to remove iCloud data for PDCA2Go;
    • From Settings, tap iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage, and
    • Under Documents & Data, tap PDCA2Go > Edit > Delete All.

End of Life

We are announcing the end of new feature development for PDCA2Go. We will continue to offer technical support to all customers until 13th October 2018.

We welcome relevant and respectful comments, please read our comments policy before adding comments below.

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