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by MichaelHaeusler – Oct 8, 2019; version 1.15 ★★★★★

QuotesBeginPretty awesome for a free app. The only thing I’m currently missing is the ability to copy a complete entry (a complete line) in a coin database, and copy it over to a second .coins document (a second database). In that case, though, you’d have to keep the numbered ID blank for the copied database info.QuotesEnd

Good App

by Arnoninus – May 19, 2018; version 1.11 ★★★★☆

QuotesBeginMore options about report and export will be a good evolution of this app. Thanks for numismats !!!QuotesEnd

Simple but effective

by Hurstpierpoint – May 1, 2018; version 1.10 ★★★★★👍1

QuotesBeginThis is a really useful piece of software if you are a UK collector and want something that allows you to catalogue and value your collection without getting too complicated. The support is first class and I can thoroughly recommend it.QuotesEnd


by Dina420 – Dec 3, 2016; version 1.5 ★★★★★👍7

QuotesBeginTHIS APP IS FANTASTIC!!!! So I had inherited a fairly large coin collection a couple of years ago, passed down from my grandpa to my dad, then on to me. Since then, I on more than one occasion had tried to make a spreadsheet or something similar to catalog them all with the pertinent information and a photograph of each coin, however not being too tech savvy I gave up after multiple attempts and the coins have sat dormant for some time now. Then I ran across this app, it was EXACTLY what I was trying to do for myself but failing miserably at. This app is everything I need, right down to the ability to add a quantity count as in some cases I have duplicates and triplicates and sometimes even more of the same coin. This app keeps a running total of your coin count and it’s value. It has made what was once going to be a grueling and daunting task an enjoyable pleasure. Absolutely sublime :)QuotesEnd

Just what I needed for my coin and medal collection

by t0p6un – Nov 9, 2016; version 1.3 ★★★★★👍1

QuotesBeginExcellent application. Clean, efficient and elegant. In my opinion quite complete in functions. After the latest innovations (CSV import / export, etc.) it has nothing to envy to more noble and expensive programs. The programmer’s availability for support and information should also be appreciated. Only the corresponding app for iPhone would be missing, in order to bring your own collection. I hope it’s in the pipeline …QuotesEnd

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