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Begin QuotesI’m VERY impressed. On my 27-inch iMac I find your app “Stamps” to be:

    1. Neat. Clean.
    2. So fast (even with a thousand+ stamps).
    3. Super functional interface that’s artistic in its presentation.
      • Number of details archived for each stamp impressive.
      • Adding & deleting records simple.
      • Should consider a “Duplicate” button between + and -.
      • Great Tab flow through stamp record to enable fast individualization of duplicate stamps.
      • Image container is first class. What a marvel of coding. Auto-fits whatever it’s holding. Similar to gallery with its own function. Very nice indeed.
    4. Great image quality and so fluid. Whether you did the coding or incorporated possibly available coding into your work doesn’t matter. Superb implementation.
    5. Gallery view is stunning. Smoothness is incredible.
    6. Great being able to push/pull csv files.

… but it’s been a long time since I’ve run across a program/app that’s made me stop and go “Oooooooooh. This is nice.” …

Source: Email from Ken Mazur, Founding donator (17 February, 2019).

Editor note; The current version (updated after this review) of Stamps has added the duplicate button between the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons.

Highly Recommendation

by Greenneedles – Jan 21, 2019; version 1.14 ★★★★★

QuotesBeginI have over 9,300 stamps entered into Stamps. The new 1.14 version resolves my past concerns and now I highly recommend Stamps for any collector, whether one is just starting or a seasoned. Once you obtain your copy be sure to Optimize you photos before each time you save. Finally, the support I received was outstanding, which is a significant reason I high recommend this App.QuotesEnd

What are you looking for in stamp collection software?

by graeuwritere – Oct 18, 2017; version 1.9 ★★★★★👍3

QuotesBeginIf you want a database program to inventory your postal stamps and record aquisition information, condition, denomination, perforations and size, along with the ability to attach image files of the stamps and associated certificates and documents, Stamps is it! For these needs, Stamps fulfills with aplomb. Its screens are well laid out and data entry is intuitive. It has limited options for printed reports but it does create an printed, detailed, inventory list. This is exactly what I was looking for in a postal stamp database. I wasn’t looking to develop my own album pages, nor printable arangements for sharing and display. Options for the Mac are limited in this niche. If your needs are basic, Stamps delivers with a simple interface that makes it a pleasure to use. A note about catalog numbers: Stamps has a field to enter Catalog ID. However, if a catalog number is entered in the field, it does not seem to allow sorting by the catalog number within the program’s table. If this is important to you, a work around exists. Enter the catalog number, or other ID, at the begining of the stamp description (in the stamp description field). In this way your stamps may be sorted or searched by catalog number or ID.QuotesEnd

Editor note; The current version (updated after this review) of Stamps has added the ability to sort by Catalog ID.

Simple but functional

by t0p6un – Nov 23, 2016; version 1.5 ★★★★☆

QuotesBeginIn my opinion this app has all the requirements (too many) to create a complete philatelic database. I had already tried the excellent ‘Coins’ and I think this little program is not far behind even if it lacks a few small features compared to the other. I certainly recommend those who want to keep their collection in an easy and intuitive way.QuotesEnd

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